The World is Iterating on Silicon Valley

Examining Japan’s iteration on the startup ecosystem & why we can’t just clone the Valley — feat. Nulab’s CEO, Masanori Hashimoto

Photograph from Masanori Hashimoto’s Twitter

Silicon Valley has taken the world by storm. Google, Amazon, Apple, Uber, the titans of the Valley have been spread into every corner of the world, yielding the envy of foreign entrepreneurs and governments alike. And it’s not just foreign envy and ambition, but even domestic. New York City, Boston, cities in every state have been trying to incubate Valleys of their own as local governments realize that the next long-term drivers of economic growth are entrepreneurship and industry disruption.

But in the hubris of its success, Silicon Valley has stalled in its own innovation. Valley evangelists such as myself have been blinded by the roaring opportunity that the Valley presents, and we campaign relentlessly to distribute its elements in the name of human and technological progress.

Ironically, we forget the very tenet we shout the loudest — Change is good, never be satisfied, and things can always be better: even if it’s something working as amazingly as the Valley.

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