Fwd: Thoughts is a blog devoted to Donny and Jasper’s efforts to “scale the well.”

It is a response to our realization that our worlds are yet small, and they have but the whole world to grow. The inspiration of “Scaling the Well” comes from the Chinese proverb 井底之蛙 (The Well’s Bottom’s Frog), which recounts the story of a frog who thinks that the well is all of the world and all that it has to offer. But we know that’s not true, and that we are but at the bottom. This blog aims to actively disarm ourselves of that unconscious bias. By writing to scale the well, we are dedicated to remaking ourselves with every piece of new information we receive, to force ourselves to remain open to the worlds above, and to climb beyond ourselves in the analysis and thinking that we carry.

Jasper Cheng and Donny Reynolds originally founded the publication on Medium and moved here in the March of 2017. Some of their most popular writings include The Future is Without Apps, Life Without a Car, and The World is Iterating on Silicon Valley.

About Jasper Cheng

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